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Ideas for my Digital Artefact

  • Instagram Art/craft page
    • Collection of differing art styles and mediums etc.
    • Could aim to open an Etsy store
  • TikTok Art/craft page
    • See above, but with TikTok
  • ‘Getting Started’ to art page
    • Insta or blog (or both), YouTube
    • Watercolour, gouache, acrylic, sketching (pencil, charcoal, pen, coloured pencil etc), adding colour to works, anime style art, digital art, photography (& photo editing) + different focuses (fandom, plants, characters, real-life, portraits, buildings etc
  • Make and sell felt animals + plants (etc)
    • Insta + Etsy
    • Need to look into how time consuming this will be
    • Could be a part of an overall project (ie. Arty insta blog/store) rather than whole project
  • Create and sell Stickers
    • Insta + Etsy
    • Could combine with a different project
  • UOW Makerspace
    • Join one of their projects
    • Use resources for a personal DA project (see above)

“Doors are for people with no imagination.”

Deek Landy

My final personal aim of my DA is to improve my art skills, and possibly work towards finding a niche I enjoy (ie a certain art style, medium etc.)

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