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A wild DA appeared

Hey All, and welcome to my DA: Steff Does Stuff

I’m making an art-based Instagram page, where I share images of completed works, works in progress and speed art videos. My final goal is to expand onto Etsy where I can sell my creations, and I am also considering blogging, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter as other possible avenues.

I love doing arty projects but often lack the ‘time’ and motivation to do so, I thought this #FIST project – where the most costly part of the project is my time, something I can decide upon depending on how much content I want to create – would get me creating again, and be something  I can look forward to, rather than another ‘assessment’ to groan at.

My audience is fans, more specifically those in the fandom’s I’ll be creating art for, as well as those who enjoy art in general, so be prepared for Fanart, original art, and ‘bad’ art to be thrown your way.

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