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Yes, my clothes send a message.

What is that message? Well, it really depends on the day. Weather you consciously decide to be ‘cute’, or ‘edgy’ or ‘casual’ or you’ve just thrown on the cleanest things you own. Your clothes are a message.

McLuhan (1964) says a “message” is something that introduces a change of scale, pace or pattern in human affairs. At first this sounds very ambiguous, yes the newest iPhone can change the lives of those who use it, but how does what I’m wearing have anything to do with it? Well, not only does clothing change the ‘pattern[s]’ we as people take but it influences how others perceive us, and can potentially change them as well, therefore affecting their interactions with the world.

How you view me depends on your perspective, not only how well you know me as a person, but the experiences that have shaped you, your gender, age, ethnicity and a range of other things that encompass you (Fiske and Jenkins, 2010).

“If men find out we can rearrange the bones of our face, we’re finished.”

Sailor J
34 seconds is the point I’m trying to make

Note: This was cut for length; for the original post (with more examples) here; Yes, my clothes send a message. (Full Ver.)

Fiske, J. and Jenkins, H., 2010. Introduction To Communication Studies. 3rd ed. London [England]: Routledge, pp.157-169.

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  1. Hi there! I absolutely love how quick and concise this post is but still packs in such an important message and really gets your point across. Even reflecting on my own BCM112 post, I tried to convey a similar approach in regards to using McLuhan’s message to relate back to your own personal experience. It’s also awesome to see the differences as well, I loved seeing your interpretation of messages through clothing because it’s so true and easy to understand! Keep up the good work lovely x

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