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Glitches: An Unconventional Love Story

Glitches. Bugs. Defects. Flaws. Those things that make us scream into our pillows as all of our work is lost. We hate them… right?


The ‘glitch’ aesthetic is a style that many have come to appreciate, and even admire over the years. Something that a whole generation looks back on with annoyance, has reappeared in a wave of nostalgia.

Internet aesthetics are in flux, ever changing and never static (something that can be said for the internet as a whole). They are wholly dependant on the needs of the creator, and that of their audience.

“[Craft] involves human interaction with technology whether its a pen, hammer, or computer software and hardware.”

Katie Bunnell

In our modern world, there has been a shift from the industrial paradigm to the internet paradigm.

Since the internet paradigm is open to all – with mass customisation being an essential part of its makeup – increasingly the ability to ‘craft’ has reemerged.

The internet offers up almost endless possibilities for creation, and many have taken up that challenge, transforming the internet into what we know today. And we know it can be tomorrow.

Bunnell, K., 2004. Craft And Digital Technology. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 10 April 2020].

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