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Steff Does Stuff: A Saga

Over the last few weeks my DA has changed – a lot. It went from being your run of the mill art Instagram account to a TikTok where I do still share my art, but also cosplay, play Animal Crossing, and much more.

I didn’t realise just how time-consuming editing speed videos would be – not how repetitive. This led to going into a bit of a slump and not producing any content for a while. It was then that I thought I may try my luck at TikTok, I was already watching hours of other peoples content a day, so why not make my own.

Some important discoveries


The importance of a proper setup when recording videos – Aka how I broke one of my favourite candles.

Iterations of my phone stand

Instagram viewers prefer a carousel, with the final image showing first and videos of the creation process following


Trends can be quite hit and miss. I posted a video of me reacting to anime intros, due to the success of the first video I made another video with a different soundtrack. However it wasn’t nearly as popular as the trend had quickly fallen out of favour.

Analytics of both anime intro reaction videos

The TikTok audience prefers shorter art videos

Comparison of response to longer and shorter videos

TikTok analytics allow you to see not only user demographics, but when they’re most active and what types of content they view.

TikTok user analytics

On TikTok it is better to target a range of audiences. This is because TikTok viewers primarily watch their For You Page, rather than their ‘following’ page. By focusing on a few different areas I’ve been able to build a varied audience.

User feedback has led to me finding a niche for my art – Glitch Art

Feedback on recent Glitch art video

Where I’m going from here

Trying varying content

In this weeks Tute, once I shared with my group just how much tea I have they said I should’ve made my DA about tea. In response to this I did make a TikTok sharing some tips and tricks on tea making – depending on the popularity I may make this a series where I review tea

The tea

Working towards monetisation

Due to the current global situation I’d rather not start an Etsy, especially with postage delays. As well as this, there is a bit of cost involved when starting to produce art prints. Instead I have decided to up my follower account, and then try making ‘live videos’ where followers can donate money

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