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Collective Intelligence: The new age of the internet

Collective intelligence, a rising phenomena in the many-to-many system modern society often encapsulates. It is the universally distributed global network of potential participants – or as Bruns defines, Produsers – that make up the internet. In this newfound global society, anyone can participate, any time, anywhere.

Source: Giphy

This has led to new forms of participation, and new types of content. Take popular video-making app, TikTok, for example. It was only released worldwide in 2018 but since then it has grown astronomically popular, creating new genres of lip-syncing, dance videos and the like.

The above audio clip is an example of collective intelligence, wherein I found a range of different videos describing collective intelligence to create an overall audio describing the phenomena. It was through this ability to use others intelligence that I was easily able to produce my own final product.

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