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Can the sequel ever be as good?

This semester steff_does_stuff returns, hopefully with success.

Last semester, what started out as an arty Instagram account quickly transitioned completely to TikTok. This time around I’m hoping to continue my account, aiming for 1000 followers so I can try my hand at TikTok lives.

Over the break I kept up with the account, and have slowly been able to amass 514 followers, I’m hoping to continue to gain traction this semester.

Content to focus on

This semester I’m hoping to continued to post varying content to aim at a number of different niche audiences within the Anime community, the type of content I will be falls into a few categories:

  • Cosplay (of both cannon and original characters)
  • Art (Varying types, including Glitch Art)
  • Gaming (Primarily Animal Crossing)
  • Misc (Cooking, reaction videos, trends etc.)

Last semester I gained attention and audience interaction with my glitch art, where I was able to ask for requests of who to draw in the style next. An overwhelming number of the requests were for characters from popular series Boku No Hero Academia (BNHA). In light of this, I am hoping to create a fair bit of my content around this series. I am currently working on a cosplay of Aizawa Shouta, and potentially original character based within universe.

Other platforms

While last semester I started by running this account on Instagram, posting speed art videos, I quickly realised that I didn’t enjoy the video editing process. This semester I’m hoping to start posting again, but this time focusing on photos of works in progress leading to a finished piece, rather than time consuming videos.
I also know that the anime community is quite active on Twitter, so I may look into expanding onto that platform as well (I’m hoping to do more research into this soon.)


Last semester I was unsuccessful in monetising my DA, however recently my sister has opened an online business that is motivating me to do the same.

Some of my options for monetisation include:

  • Earrings
  • Resin
  • Polymer clay
  • Paper Quilling
  • Stickers
  • Selling art prints

I am looking into which options are feasible, as well as being not too expensive or time consuming.

Personally I am hoping to create fandom earrings, with earrings available in surgical steel or titanium for people with sensitive ears. I personally can only wear these metals, so I find it difficult to find fandom jewellery that I can actually wear. By doing this I am also hoping to narrow in on a niche, providing both silver/copper based earrings and specialised earrings (also fulfilling a social utility.)


I am happy that I have a clear direction to travel this semester. While there are some concerns about TikTok being banned in the US, potentially limiting the audience, I am hoping that expanding onto other platforms and working to monetise my project will mitigate some of the risk.

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