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The pitch is back

Steff Does Stuff is back with a vengeance (and hopefully that’s a good thing).

This semester I’m planning to work on 3 projects;

Although they are three very different projects, I’m aiming to connect them through advertising on TikTok. I’m hoping the various projects will allow me to build skills relating to video making and editing, craft and small business operation as well as editing/analysing a text. Since I’m not 100% sure where I’d like to go in the future, I think a varied skill set would be a great help.

Mood Bord

I really love this aesthetic, the pastel colours and more relaxed vibe is something I aim to work towards through my project. It also works well with my target audience, as much of the anime fandom is geared towards ‘cutesey’ and ‘kawaii‘ styles.

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  1. Hey, Your DA ideas are really good. I love how you are making fandom earrings, they are so cute. I think its going to be really interesting to see where all your DA’s go, and I can’t wait.

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