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Steff Does Stuff – Still going strong?

At the beginning of the semester, I decided to challenge myself by working on 3 different projects, and while each had a differing social utility, they were tied together by an overarching audience of fans.

Since then I have been able to narrow down my audience and have been surprised by the transition my starter pack and mood board have gone through. Through this transition, I have discovered that my intended audience is slightly different than who I believed them to be – at the start of the semester I was aimed more towards anime fans, and those who enjoyed the glitch aesthetic but now I have transitioned to a ‘cute’ pastel aesthetic and am much more involved with the BTS fandom.

Original Mood Board VS new Mood Board

A few weeks ago, I also decided to drop one of my projects – the MDZS CW project. Although it had a great social utility, aiming to create a detailed list of content warnings for fans of the series – I found it very time consuming and struggled with my want to make it perfect and an inability to do so. Since dropping this project, I have had a lot more time to focus on my main project; making fandom earrings for those with sensitive ears.

Original Starter Pack VS New Starter Pack
Fandom Twitter Account

I recently opened an Etsy store, where I’m offering a few different earring options for fans of BTS. Although I quickly changed my pricing, I have found that while I occasionally get views, I am getting little audience interaction and have had no sales so far. In response to this, I’ve been working to change a personal account on fandom twitter into one more geared towards BTS fans. I have joined a group chat to gain more user interaction – and from that have gained more followers. Some of my tweets about other series have become relatively popular, and once I update the store, I’m aiming to post my designs on that account.

Etsy Store Analytics

 To improve the store, I’ve been talking to fellow BCM students through a group chat, as well as on Twitter itself. Although I have been swamped by classwork recently, now that semester is coming to its end, I’m hoping to take the time to make some nicer images of my products. Samantha has suggested I look at Pinterest to get some design ideas, and I’m considering using the mirror hack to take some aesthetic images that match more with my audience. Through her advice I’m also aiming to post images of my products on my old Instagram account to gain more user interaction.

I have also been working to expand my range, as currently I only offer two variants – three products in total. Through speaking to Annie, a long time BTS fan, I was able to come up with some more designs. I also had the idea of making earrings that work with Spotify to allow people to scan them and search the songs through the app. Through a few versions of trial and error I have had some success – I’m hoping to use these and similar designs to expand out of the BTS fandom and to other popular artists and songs. The one limitation of this is the cover art for the song, as I need to either find images I can easily replicate or find a way to simplify the images while still allowing them to be recognisable.

In my efforts to expand to other series – as well as through peer pressure from a friend – I am also hoping to expand into making Harry Styles and One Direction earrings. I am currently in the process of making a few different designs and am hoping to test them through my Uni Twitter account as I know there is a strong Harry Styles following among some BCM students.

Although it is time-consuming, I am also hoping to use some of my free time to get back into more anime-based fandoms and make some more earrings with polymer clay again.

In terms of my TikTok account, I’ve been working to get back into some of my original anime focused content. I made some videos using popular anime audios and have gained several followers. To connect this more easily to my Etsy store I’m hoping to set up a linktree soon.

I also wanted to take some time to focus on some Halloween related content, as it’s been very popular on the platform. I recently took the time to work on a Wednesday Addams outfit and record a number of videos that have had some minor success – I still have some completed drafts to post meaning I won’t have to worry about making content in the short term.

For this project I’m hoping to continue to post some of my earring designs, however, my recent posts of this nature haven’t been very successful so I’m planning to do some research as to how other creators make videos showing off their products and go from there.

Overall, I’m hoping to use these last few weeks to double down on my DA, offering new designs on my Etsy store and working on some differing TikTok ideas.

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