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A Closer Exploration of my Field Site

Mobile Rhythm Games

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my media niche is mobile rhythm games. The mind map I made last week as a good basis for analysis into my field site, and was a good basis for analysis into my field site, and through it I was able to develop a broad idea of the areas I will need to focus on through my project.

Previous mind-map
Gif via tenor

Main branches of map

  • Devices used to play
  • Games
  • Important companies
  • Online presence of games
  • Other rhythm games
  • Reasons people play
  • Streaming platforms
  • UI

In the coming weeks I’m aiming to narrow down my field site to a few specific focus areas, from there it will be easier to locate the sources I need for further research and analysis. As Burrell (2009) notes, the field site is the “stage on which the social processes [of] the study take place” it is only once the field site is fully developed that the ethnographer can interpret and understand experiences as an insider would. As I have a lot of experience playing rhythm games, I feel that in some ways I am already at this level – however in terms of interacting with the wider fanbase, I still need to work to develop my persona on various social media platforms.

Emoji Fast Typing Sticker - Emoji Fast Typing Emoji Fast Typing Stickers
Gif via tenor

Persona is integral to ones standing within a fan base, they are able to transform and improve preconceptions people may have about users, and can alter the perception of others. By cultivating a specific persona through my project I’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of the fan-base of these games and be able to experience them as a fully immersed participator.

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