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runaway cloud: Immersing Myself Into the Mobile Rhythm Game Niche

mood board for persona

While I do have some experience with the mobile rhythm game genre, I don’t feel that I’m fully immersed in the overall culture as a player. I typically play in a bubble, either by myself or with a few close friends – keeping an eye on online activity but never fully immersing myself. Through this project and the creation of my persona, I’m aiming to change that.

After each streaming session, I’m planning to write down my experiences, looking at how I felt playing the game, as well as interacting with the audience plus how the overall gameplay felt, any challenges or notable events etc. I practised doing so when I played recently released SuperStar Ateez and found that doing this right after means info is fresh in my mind, so I can write about my personal experiences then come back and reflect on them critically.

Streaming mobile rhythm games on Twitch – field map

As mentioned in my pitch video, my field map focuses specifically on streaming mobile rhythm games on Twitch. Through this map, I identified a few areas for further research, including platforms such as Discord, Reddit and the further consideration of fan content – primarily on Twitter. In terms of scholarly research, I’m hoping to start by looking into the mobile game industry, how monetisation plays a role and look into some tips for autoethnography.

I have recently made a timeline for my DA schedule – I didn’t specifically mention times to focus on autoethnography as I intend to link it to my twitch streaming activities, recording my experiences directly after. I have identified a few times to focus on the ethnographic side of my research and assess if the process is working correctly.

5 thoughts on “runaway cloud: Immersing Myself Into the Mobile Rhythm Game Niche

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  1. The professionalism and quality of this post is off the charts. As someone who is unfamiliar with this niche, I find your explanation to be very thorough and illuminating. Your use of extensive video and visual content is also great. In terms of your research approach, I like how you are keeping your methods broad, with the option of narrowing your niche to specific games. This sort of flexibility will definitely allow your research to follow a natural path, and will prevent you from locking yourself in to a particular facet too early on. Your video is also paired well with the text of your post, as you avoid repeating yourself and provide unique information in each section. My one critique would be to possibly lower the music volume at points, but this was in no way a deal breaker. You use of tags is also top notch! I found this article relating to the link between use of music video games and real-world musical aptitude, which I think might give you a better understanding of your niche audience. Can’t wait to see more from this project!

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  2. Hey Steff

    For someone who doesn’t know this niche, you have explained it really well. I like the idea of how you are taking notes of your experiences with the mobile rhythm game and also interacting with the audience at the same time.

    It’s good that you have leaned towards the streaming niche as twitch is a well-known gaming platform and is great for finding a niche audience. Furthering your research on different platforms such as discord and Reddit is allowing you to expand your audience

    I’ve looked at your Twitter and have seen the tweets about your runaway cloud and love how you have used hashtags as they are a handy way of grouping and categorising tweets so it’s easier for users to find. I found this article that explains more about the Rhythm game niche that you could explore “is rhythm gaming still relevant”.

    Overall I can’t wait to see how this DA goes

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