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(nice) Peer Commentary

An Exercise in Self-Censorship

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I aimed to have my suggestions easy to understand and provide feasible options. In terms of Ben and Lauren’s pitches, I offered some suggestions that they could implement in their fI aimed to have my suggestions easy to understand and provide feasible options. In terms of Ben and Lauren’s pitches, I offered some suggestions that they could implement in their future beta or other blog/videos to help with comprehension. For each of my peers, I wanted to give them a link to a source that could help with different elements of their projects. For Tori, I wanted to offer another YouTube podcaster to consider, however, I also did suggest that she and her partner potentially change their editing process, something that may not work out depending on how their project goes.

Hey Tori, the idea of a visual podcast sounds like a really interesting and engaging way to keep your viewers attention while still prioritising the informative podcast elements. Your project plan is well thought out, my only concern is the idea of editing everything collaboratively; while it is a great way to make sure you’re both on topic it could become very time consuming so you may want to reconsider this process – potentially discussing plans for the edits together then alternate who edits or handling different elements of the editing process depending on who prefers what / who is better at what elements.

You may also want to look more into depth into other YouTube podcasters, most of the examples given in the screen recording are of regular content creators, not people with a dedicated podcast. The Plumbom Café seems similar to the style you seem to be going for;

Overall this sounds like a well thought out da, as an avid Sims fan I’m eager to see where you go with it.

Comment on Tori’s The PITCH is back.
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I feel that the feedback I provided on Ben’s project was the most well-thought-out, as I looked at various elements of his pitch and DA as a whole. As someone who has investigated capturing video content from consoles, I wanted to offer an option that wouldn’t be as expensive as a capture card and prompt him to look further into capturing video. I think that this, and the suggestions to create a visual representation of his project plan will help to manage his time.

Hey Ben, your framework for analysis looks to be solid and I love the idea of comparing this game to the original based on those parameters. If possible, I’d suggest including the brief description showing what the game is about in the video next time, as I watched it first I was confused because I hadn’t heard of the game before – it’s great to see this detail was added into the blog post!

Your planning also seems well thought out but may benefit from a visual representation. It seems like you are planning of doing a lot of work each week, and visuals may allow you to assess how these plans will fit into your uni schedule.

You may also need to consider how you’re planning on capturing video content. Will you be recording the whole time or only at certain times? I did find a video tutorial that may be helpful as it shows how to record footage without using a capture card or otherwise streaming:

Comment on Ben’s A Look into Left 4 Dead 2

As for my comment on Lauren’s blog, my suggestion may not be as feasible as I suggested she consider the topic of modding on different platforms where she originally aims to focus on the games and their communities.

Hey Lauren, it looks like you’ve put thought into your analytical framework, great to see the more in-depth explanation explored in your blog post. However, it may have been better to summarise these points or remove the repetition of research questions (as they were already in your video) to leave room in your blog to better explain / demonstrate the 4 key points about why your project is relevant – it was a bit difficult to have to pause the video and read the smaller text.

You may also want to consider what platforms you are planning on playing the games on, as well as if this impacts on the modding community surrounding them. It could also potentially impact which platforms are preferred. For example, it is extremely difficult to mod Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch as you have to first jailbreak the console to install mods (

Comment on Lauren’s BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch – Modding Communities
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Overall, I think it was a great learning experience. It was interesting to be able to see what other types of projects my peers are focusing on and what frameworks they choose to explore them with. Doing the comments helped me work to be more concise, and provide positive feedback based on specific elements of the project, rather than saying generic comments like ‘the pitch was interesting’ etc.

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