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On the importance of making sure your backups actually exist

BCM215 Beta

Beta Video
Original project timeline (from pitch to beta)
Original project timeline (provided in pitch)
A summary of what happened each week of my project (from pitch to beta)
Revised project timeline – what actually happened


Rhythm Hive Season 3 loading screen
Rhythm Hive Loading Screen

Instead of streaming (and playing) a range of mobile rhythm games I decided to focus on Rhythm Hive, mainly because I had paid subscriptions and thought it would allow me to get more in-depth research. This kind of backfired, because I soon lost interest in the game – I’m hoping to turn it into a positive as I’m considering player engagement (or lack thereof) in my final analysis of the game.

Rhythm Hive daily loigin rewards, showcasing cumulative login rewards
Rhythm Hive Daily Login (August)

Another major change was that I didn’t end up making the YouTube content I had planned on. My shifts picked up and I decided I’d rather focus on streaming – I think this was a positive change because I was able to manage the workload better.

Timeline of weeks 10-13
Future timeline

Analytical Framework

Analytical Framework :
Player engagement

I want to look at how Rhythm Hive has used customisability to their advantage, allowing players to customise the difficulty of every song they play – accounting for a learning curve or the fact that some players may be new to the genre. They balance this with pop-up challenges and seasonal mission stages that get progressively difficult.

A screenshot of the 2 types of Rhythm Hive Subscriptions
Rhythm Hive Subscriptions (TXT)

I’m also going to consider monetisation in a few different areas:

  • 2 types of subscription tiers (Hive Pass and FAN Plus)
  • Loot boxes
  • In-game currency (coins and gems)
  • Optional ads

Player engagement is going to be a big part of my analysis. As I, a player, tend to be obsessed with the game for a few weeks then barely play it – depending on the specific events at the time. I want to look at login bonuses and rewards, because they are the thing that keeps me coming back, even if I don’t actually play the game.

My analytical framework has influenced the way I’ve viewed the game, as I’m focusing more on these elements when I play and stream. When deciding on the framework I chose areas of the game I already think about – and talk about with friends – so it wasn’t too difficult to change into this mindset. I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on these topics and have found it to be very interesting – feel free to check out some official sources in the reading list!

Reading list
Social Influence and Monetization of Freemium Social Games – Fang, Zheng, Ye & Goes 2019
   > Gives some great insight into the monetisation of games, and how the social aspect of gaming can encourage players to spend more

The ‘gambling turn’ in digital game monetization – Johnson & brock, 2020
   > Further explores the freemium model and the "gamblification" of in-game transactions

Can Videogames be Addicting? An Investigation into the Specific Game Features and Personal Characteristics Associated with Problematic Video Game Playing - Pouliot, 2014
   > Looking at the negative aspects of 'player engagement'

7 thoughts on “On the importance of making sure your backups actually exist

Add yours

  1. Hi Steff, great work on your Beta and updates as to where your DA is. So Sorry to hear about all your stream footage being lost; I know you stated how you dropped YouTube content, but a good idea is to upload your stream video to your YouTube account after wards, it’ll allow audience to go back and watch them, as well as allow for you to have a place they are saved.
    In regards to the Beta presentation, your analytical framework doesn’t come across very clearly, you had mentioned the things you will be focusing on in your DA video. however, it was still unclear what the analysis will be. from what I can see though, you are well prepared for the workload you have coming up.
    I wish you luck as you continue with your streams.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Steff!
    I think your idea for streaming for your DA is really cool, especially since I have never heard of the game Rhythm Hive before. I can see that in your beta, you have used the analytical framework of player engagement, monetization and customizability. Throughout your blog post, you have talked in depth about player engagement and what did and didn’t work for you with your streaming, motivation and audio set up. You also talked about customizability a bit with the aesthetics of streaming platforms, however I didn’t see too much mentioned on the monetisation part of your analytical framework.

    I can see that you have taken on feedback from previous comments and then applied this feedback to your DA, which I think shows improvement and growth within your DA. I think your use of external sources and research shows through your work and your beta. I think revising your timeline for your beta, based on the issues you have identified since the pitch is a very smart move which allows you to manage your workload better.

    So far I think your DA is coming along very well and I am excited to see your final product.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Steff! I think its awesome you are doing a streaming DA. I loved seeing the progression of casual viewers and comments on your streams, it must feel super rewarding! I’ve never heard of this game so it’s quite cool to see you so interested in it, despite a little drop in motivation due to a lack of content. You have used the analytical framework of player engagement, monetisation and customisability, which seems super appropriate from what I’ve seen of the game. Also from observations made on this post and others, it is clear you have definitely taken into account some of the feedback you have been given and seems your DA is on an even better trajectory than before. I love the presentation of your Beta video, post and overall theme of your blog, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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