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A further look into the Simp’s Podcast

Sims 4 2 female characters fist bump to celebrate international women's day
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BCM215 Peer Commentary Analysis

This time around I decided to focus my commentary on one project, Cassie and Tori’s Simp’s podcast. I looked at Tori’s pitch earlier in the semester and wanted to check in on how the project was going. I feel that this time the commentary was a bit more relaxed – because they are further along in their project, I was able to see all the changes and how the project has grown and changed.

Comment Reads:
Hey Cassie! I’m pretty sure I looked at Tori’s pitch – I was really interested by your project and wanted to see how it was going.  Although I haven’t been keeping up with your podcast  I’d love to see it continued next semester, I usually watch sims or Minecraft content in the background of uni work so hopefully I’ll be able to check out some of your podcasts soon!

It’s great to see that you’ve expanded across a few different platforms and that you’re getting a lot of feedback and engagement with your audience! Using polls is such a great way to interact with your audience, especially since you noticed regular updates weren’t getting much engagement. 
It was also really good to see that you’ve done some more research into the topics covered by other YouTubers and found what you’re both comfortable with doing – it would be painful working out everything over zoom but its good to see that you’ve overcome that.

One thing I did notice is that you haven’t discussed what your framework is, while you’ve mentioned you’re exploring it through your podcasts and have been showing that it has influenced how your project is being run, you haven’t identified the 3 elements or how they actually work together. I would’ve liked to also see some more official (peer reviewed) research into the framework.
Also, potentially keep an eye on how loud your audio is, I had to turn up my settings a fair bit to be able to hear you clearly - other than that the video component was engaging, the colour scheme suits the sims very well!

For the future I’d suggest you potentially investigate other creators on Twitter and Tiktok to see their posting schedules (and what type of content they gravitate towards, ##’s etc) – what you’re doing now is great but if you want to grow your following more these bigger creators may give some good insights.
I’d also suggest you narrow down the three elements of your framework, the idea of the game being centred around the human experience is great and definitely works as one of these elements. You could also potentially further consider elements like the community surrounding the game (even across platforms) and how they interact with each other as well as the game.
Comment on Cassie‘s Beta
Sims4 Running Mermaid GIF - Sims4 Running Mermaid Water GIFs
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For the first part of my comment, I wanted to focus on all of the positives, and everything that has been improved on since the pitch and hype up their project because I had some analytical commentary afterwards. I personally prefer softening the blow by exploring all the positives before moving on to areas that could be improved on.

Next, I focused on the technical aspects of the subject – the analytical framework that is the basis of the project. I think my comment here was helpful, especially since later I go on to give some tips and will allow Cassie to further narrow her framework. I may have been able to improve my comment if I’d viewed the podcast she mentioned, but I haven’t had the chance to do so yet – so that’s something to think about in the future. I also wanted to let her know that (for me at least) her audio was a bit soft, especially since I had trouble with my audio earlier on in the semester.

Sim Eating Plant - The Sims GIF - The Sims Plant Eat GIFs
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Finally, I wanted to give some more in-depth tips for improvement. Trying to keep to the type of content Cassie is already working on rather than give broader suggestions that could take away from the project. I will note that this time around I didn’t provide any links to direct examples, so this is something I could work on in the future.

I’ve tended to stick to a pretty similar style of commentary in the past and think that this style works the best for allowing me to get all of my thoughts out coherently.

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