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I wish I’d Paid Closer Attention to my Peer’s Projects

Because They Look Pretty Cool

For this round of commentary, I decided to focus on 2 projects rather than 3 so I could give more in-depth feedback to my peers. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the length but overall, I’m happy with the level of feedback I offered – although there is some room for improvement.

I did find that my structure for one of the comments was a bit different, as I focused more on asking rhetorical questions to prompt Elanor to think more about her final project rather than offer anything concrete. It was something I haven’t done before and that I may try to put into any future commentary as rather than offering a strict guideline it prompts my peers to think how they’d like to go about doing things.

General comment structure

  • Intro / hello
  • Looking at the positives
  • Any negatives
  • What they could do to improve
  • Final comment / overall nice ending
Comment on Elanor's Beta

Hey Elanor!
Firstly, I love your overall tone and way of explaining things, as you’ve said lo-fi is all about crating a relaxed atmosphere and even though you were explaining new and interesting content you also managed to make it easily understandable and approachable. I also love how dedicated you are to your niche, making your own version of a Bob Ross artwork sounds amazing!
Although this background is a bit different from other streamers, and you mentioned wanting to have something animated. If you do something similar in the future you may be able to utilise this point of difference, potentially editing this artwork to have flowing water, moving leaves and potentially a few animals moving about.
Its sad to hear that you weren’t getting much feedback, but that may also say more about the niche than it does about you – I occasionally listen to lo-fi streams and because I have them on in the background never really interact with them or comment on them. This aspect of your niche may be something to investigate, although it’s great to see that you’re using this as a learning moment too!
Its also good to see that you are being reflexive in your approach and considering what you could’ve done better. Plus, I like how you’ve made your process of iteration clear and considered the downfalls of your project.

One thing I would’ve liked to see more of was a focus on the autoethnographic aspect of your research. While you’ve explained your niche and persona well you didn’t really mention what techniques you were utilising during your project. Have you been keeping a field journal? Are you focusing on participant observation or something else entirely?
Something else to consider is what you’re planning to present for your final DA. Do you want to make a video talking about how difficult it is to start out as a lo-fi streamer? Or one where you make how-to on lo-fi streaming? Or a compilation of your streams so far? One key aspect of this subject is the final project, so this is something to consider in the future.

Overall, your project sounds well thought out, I’ll have to keep an eye out for any future streams because I do enjoy lo-fi music!
Comment on Elanor’s Beta
Chill Cow Lofi GIF - Chill Cow Lofi Animated GIFs
gif via tenor

I worked my best to make actionable suggestions that could be implemented either in their final project or in the last few weeks of their current work / research however, I may have offered a too many options that could come across as overwhelming. I worked my best to look at smaller changes that could be implemented, rather than offering anything that may be too time consuming – especially since its so close to the final DA.

Comment on Melissa's beta
Hey Melissa!
I’ve seen you talking about your project in class and wanted to check it out, it sounds great so far! As someone who watches true crime documentaries when bored and has done so for years its interesting to see the genre on new platforms like Instagram or TikTok. I found your video really engaging, it was well-planned out and the analytical tone worked well for the type of content you’re producing and the niche you’re aiming it towards. 

One thing I noticed about the blog post was the use of the word ‘female’ it makes sense in the context of true crime where you may have a female victim but language like this could alienate a female audience, I personally attach the wording ‘female’ with sexist connotations. This might be something to consider.
 I would’ve also loved to see more of a comparison between your original plans and what you ended up doing, even a visual comparing the 2 timelines may have shown this without eating up the word count.

Its great to see that you’re using the idea of no feedback as feedback in itself – and using it to motivate yourself to further connect with your niche. As someone who is on TikTok a lot myself I’d potentially suggest making less video parts or posting the parts all at once (if you don’t already) – I get really annoyed having to follow someone just to see the conclusion of a story. An idea for TikTok could also potentially be describe the case in 1 min, I’ve seen some TikTok accounts use audios of eerie stories and crime (especially when the most interesting part of the audio is at the end) so you could try to make popular audios to gain more traction.
For Instagram I’d suggest checking out the reels feature, as the app is trying to be a competitor to TikTok and get more into video content. You may be able to get more views there with your TikTok’s. or potentially alter the same content to better suit the audience on the app. 

Overall your project looks to be going well, you have some solid plans for the future – and I’m really interested to see what you’re planning on doing for your final DA!
Comment on Melissa’s Beta
Crime Scene Investigation GIF - Crime Scene Investigation Yellow Tape GIFs
gif via tenor

In terms of lecture content, I tried to consider and point out what elements of the content my peers may be lacking in, so they have time to do some more research before the final project. It may have been better for me to link more to the given readings or find something here myself to improve my level of feedback.

It was also a bit difficult to comment on some aspects of the projects as, since I’m not 100% familiar with them, I had to make more generalised suggestions so in the future I could take the time to look more into the projects.

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