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Do we really own the content we produce?

Copyright, a phenomenon that has paralleled the rise of industrial society, something we take for granted in everyday life.

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We own the pictures we take, edit and produce on our phones, right? Those funny little snippets we send to our friends on Snapchat, that dance video you post on Tiktok, those Instagram pics of your latest holiday. You took them, made them, changed them – it was you who put the effort in, so surely you deserve the credit, right?


It is all too common to ignore the ‘terms and conditions’ that fill our modern society, quickly tick that little box and move on with our lives, but in doing that, we’ve signed away far more than we realised.

TikTok Terms and conditions

In terms of Copyright, TikTok does pretty well. While they reserve the right to use your content in adverts and the like, the overall licence belongs to you. However, as TikTok is based on the creation and transformation of content, others are allowed to make derivatives of your content, using your audio or duetting your video.

In light of this, out of curiosity, I’ve made a compilation of scenes from popular anime My Hero Academia, to post on TikTok. I’m curious to see the reaction from other users, and if anyone will use this newly produced audio.

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  1. A really insightful blog post, I enjoyed how you broached the topic of copyright and how it effects all content creators in a positive and negative way. Overall really good blog post

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