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Introducing the DAC: Digital Artefact Centre

My history with DAs

I’ve done a fair few DAs over the last few years, some of them were successful but most of them failed in their goals and have since been abandoned. I was excited when I saw the idea for a collection of DAs because I would’ve loved something like that in my first year – or even just a source of inspiration for my later DA subjects. I also want to use this project to collaborate with BCM students in other year groups and majors, learning more skills to help me in the future.

DAC Twitter

DAC Instagram

Examples of my past DAs

What is the DAC?

More info on the DAC


While it will be a challenge, we’ve identified four audiences – and therefore four vying personas – to target. We need to do a lot more research into each of these groups, working to incorporate their competing wants and needs into a cohesive product. We want to ensure that we don’t alienate aspects of one persona to favour another or end up with too much of a chaos aesthetic.

4 identified personas

Mood Board & Aesthetics

The DAC as a whole

Since one of my focuses is on creative direction, I want to ensure we have a cohesive creative direction for this project. That being said, my main suggestion is to separate the DAC into its various focuses – maintaining a central aesthetic of minimalism while having specific niches for each area. It will be essential to create a basic colour palette we can incorporate into each different facet to keep the project unified.

DA Collection

Something to note is that we are trying to stray away from the standard BCM aesthetic of Corporate Memphis as well as the common glitch aesthetic and DMS colours (so we stay unique). This isn’t to say we can’t use these to link to current BCM content, but they should be used sparingly.

DA Collaboration

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