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runaway cloud: Playing and Analysing Mobile Rhythm Games

In terms of structural analysis, I’m looking at User Interface. I’m aiming to examine the constraints and affordances of varying interfaces, as well as their impact on playability, customisation and playstyle. Next, I’ll be using a political economy approach by looking into monetisation. I want to look at DLCs, subscriptions and other in-app purchases, their impact on the game and how relevant they are to different types of users. Finally, I’m considering either the storyline or associated paratexts that help build meaning. I’m leaving this ambiguous for now, as some games have concrete storylines, while in others they are inferred or even at times the whole meaning behind the game can be derived from external influences.

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Analytical Framework

  • User Interface
  • Monetisation
  • Storyline or paratexts

To gain further insight into the subject I want to investigate a few articles similar to those linked and explore the relationship between mobile phone usage and gaming, as well as this if I can I want to look into mobile rhythm game analysis or just analysis of rhythm games in general.  I am also planning to do further research into how other YouTube creators have handled discussing and comparing games – presenting a reasonable yet concise analysis of their topics while remaining accessible to their audience.

project timeline

Never left without saying goodbye.

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Overall, I’m aiming to create an accessible stream where people feel comfortable asking for help, suggesting songs and games, and otherwise engage in my content, or even just have something streaming in the background. Personally like the idea of analysing and comparing multiple games, so I don’t get over playing a particular game. It will also allow me to customise and be flexible with my DA, if my audience prefers a particular game, I can play that one more or make more content revolving around it etc.

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  1. Your bcm215 pitch was effective in the presentation of your intention and methodology for the digital artefact; it was initially difficult to hear the video over the background noises (which would be something to consider when streaming, that your game noice isn’t too overpowering). Your expression of intent for your analysis was very clear, and the research you intend to look into will definitely be beneficial. a point of consideration would be to look further into the audiences of mobile rhythm games; are these people that prefer fast passed gaming, or under a certain group of people.

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  2. Hey Steff

    It’s good to see that you’re playing games that you have a lot of knowledge about and a lot of interest in. Creating a project timeline will help you have a visual overview of a project from start to finish and is helpful with organising what needs to be done each week.

    Using twitch is good as twitch is such a well-known platform for gaming,I also like the idea of how you’re playing different games each week and also analysing the game at the end.

    Using other platforms will help you engage with your audience and the idea of posting when you’re streaming on Twitter will allow the audience to keep updated.

    I can also see you have done a lot of research which would be very helpful and I reckon you should go learn more about the audiences of mobile rhythm games, I found an article about mobile rhythm games that you could explore “Analysis and evaluation of mobile rhythm games: Game structure and playability”

    I’m excited to see how our DA goes and can’t wait to see more of your videos

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